ACC Lakshya

1. All authorized dealer across East India empanelled with ACC Limited are eligible in the »Lakshya». ACC Limited reserves the right to restrict/cancel the participation of a dealer without giving any reason.
2. The "Lakshya" is open to all authorized ACC dealers in East India. To enroll in this program log on to to register.
3. The "Lakshya" is valid for all active dealers w.e.f 1.8.2007 till 31.12.2009.
4. All dealers enrolled are eligible to earn points for this program.
5. The dealer enrolled in the above program must share his book of accounts with the respective Marketing Officers of ACC Ltd.
6. The SAP Code (Dealer Code) will be treated as the membership number for this program.
7. Each authorized ACC dealer under the "Lakshya" can redeem the points earned against prizes as indicated on our website They can take one item or create a basket. The total point value of the basket should not be more than the points earned.
8. ACC Limited reserves the right to extend or reduce the "Lakshya" period, a separate communication would be sent for its inclusion in this program.
9. For the purpose of the "Lakshya", the decision of ACC Limited shall be final and binding in all respects. ACC limited may add, delete, substitute or modify the prizes mentioned herein and /or the terms & conditions and / or cancel the Lakshya at any time without prior notice during the tenure of this program and this shall be final and binding on all authorized ACC dealers.
10. This program may or may not run concurrently with any other schemes or any other reward program that may be offered by ACC limited.
11. All authorized ACC dealers enrolled in this program are required to strictly keep their Lakshya membership numbers confidential and use the Lakshya membership number and password as assigned to them only. All enrolled authorized ACC dealers must follow this strictly and should not indulge in any practice contravening it directly or indirectly.
12. Rewards can not be exchanged/ redeemed for cash or transferred. No cash claim can be made in lieu of rewards.
13. To the extent permitted by law, ACC limited makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any prize. Warranty claims must be directed to the manufacturer.
14. ACC limited shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered directly or indirectly, as a result of participating in the program or using any reward.
15. ACC Limited will not be liable for any deficiency/defect in any product disbursed as prizes by it or on account of any dispute relating to the right to utilize the product subsequent to disbursement of the same as rewards.
16. Any tax liability arising on account of any prizes received by an authorized ACC dealers under this program, would be the liability and responsibility solely of the authorized ACC dealers.
17. All authorized ACC dealers waive any and all rights of claim with regards to the program against ACC limited.
18. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Kolkata.
19. All authorized ACC dealers are hereby automatically deemed to have agreed to all of the above and no further consent will need to be obtained from any authorized ACC dealers in any circumstances.
20. The images shown are just indicative of the product being offered, the actual product may vary from the displayed image.
21. Though all due care is exercised by ACC to ensure that the product being dispatched should be free from all defects, but still in case of any defect in the products ACC is not & cannot be held responsible for defective products being shipped.

In case of defective product the person redeeming the product has to directly co-ordinate with the manufacturer to avail warranty/repairs. At our sole discretion, ACC will facilitate the member to avail warranty to the every extent possible for ACC.